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Are the best app icon generator software on the market any good?

App icon generators are truly useful. They work like some sort of enchantment. Import a picture, let the product scale it to the sizes you require and send out the right document positions. Work Done! However, this enchantment is impulsive one. The outcomes you’ll get basically rely on upon the work of art you transfer and a tad bit of fortunes as well.

Truly, I don’t trust in marvels and didn’t expect a lot from these icon generators. I chose to look at a few prevalent free icon creator/converters for you and was truly shocked with the outcomes!

Here are the 5 converters I utilized and a correlation of how they rendered an arrangement of mainstream icon sizes for Android applications, from a basic pencil icon illustration. If it’s not too much trouble excuse me Apple clients – your part has been avoided this time, however, the outcomes would be the same!

For a truly valuable correlation, I’ve include manual resizes created by an expert icon originator as well, as a quality pattern.


My most loved and I think the most helpful. Move your realistic to the toaster and get your hot icon! The least difficult and most lovely one, yet you can’t transform anything. You likewise need to give over your email for downloading the icons. I ponder what else the email is utilized for?


Functions admirably when all is said in done. Gives a considerable measure of size sorts, yet I couldn’t discover xx H dpi estimate for Android icon, perhaps you will. On this illustration, I discovered a few ancient rarities and wrong dim pixels.

Android Asset Studio

Great, however, it just works with Android icon sizes. I think this is the most responsive converter for Android; it gives you a chance to choose the state of the last icon (e.g. circle, square) and permits you to include some prominent impacts like a long shadow or pooch ear.

Icon Slayer

This converter with the unnerving name and antiquated outline I like the minimum. It trades icons into an insane number of envelopes and you may experience difficulty finding the sizes you quickly require. Be that as it may, it works.


Or maybe great and offers a considerable measure of icon sizes and sorts however it doesn’t give you a chance to review the outcomes before downloading, and you’ll get truly tired of unfastening and re-transferring to check the outcomes.

Proficient Icon Designer

On the off chance that you are not happy with the aftereffects of these free icon creators, the best alternative is to enlist an icon architect, the sharpest and most responsive icon producer’ you will discover. Obviously, you should pay for his/her time, flawlessness costs!

The most effective method to flawless yourself when working with such programming

  • Use the best quality and biggest size work of art conceivable
  • Try a few icon creator/converters to locate the best outcomes
  • Don’t have elevated standards for your littlest icon sizes
  • Remember – you can simply enlist an expert to do all the diligent work for you


Icon producers and converters are helpful, particularly on the off chance that you have extensive fine art with a moderately low level of detail and not very numerous straight lines. In these sorts of conditions they work splendidly. Some of them don’t care for a semi-straightforward component; don’t give every one of the sizes you require, make hazy little icons.